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Woman charged in death of cyclist.

Reading some of the other threads here piqued my curiosity. I remember a fatal accident that happened here shortly after I moved and started working on the base.

Turns out, the woman who caused the accident was actually charged with a reasonable crime.

Amber Stephanie Fain, 39, of Ogden, was charged in 2nd District Court with causing a death while driving with controlled substances in her body, a second-degree felony, and drug possession, a class A misdemeanor.
I haven't seen the results of the trial yet, but I suspect it's still pending.

I didn't know the rider, but I rode that same stretch of road every day at that time (I've moved since) and it wasn't particularly dangerous, as there is a wide (wide enough for a full vehicle lane) bike lane there, but the speed limit is 55, and I've seen some pretty bad driving along that stretch when I was going that way.

I still ride that route occasionally, but I really watch my rear view mirror carefully and I'm prepared to ditch if I have to at the critical areas. The problem is that the bike lane turns into a right turn lane a couple times there, and people are often tailgating so closely that they pull into the turn lane and wouldn't have time to react and miss a bike only going ~20 mph.
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