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Originally Posted by cudak888 View Post
Question, St33lWh33ls - how did you create that list? Trying to figure out if there's an easy way to get it comma separated or copy/pasted into Excel while retaining the column data - curious if the forum ate the formatting.

Hey Kurt, I copied and pasted the pages into a Word doc which gave me the data in tables. If I remember correctly, saving the site would just give you gibberish in the tables because of the asp and db backend. I copied and pasted into notepad to get rid of the tables and hidden characters, that was all I needed for my purposes. I have Excel and the Word doc so I can probably convert if you like.

You can also create a CSV file by copying the info above and paste it into NotePad, add commas where needed and be sure to add some text for missing field info.

Had no luck contacting the site owner via the domain contact info, so I have not used the data on my website. At this point I think it’s pretty unlikely chainedrevolution.com will rise again.


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