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Originally Posted by Gloope View Post
BP: your linked article makes some important (i think) references to Dr. Stuart McGill. I highly recommend that if you're not familiar with him that you check out his site at backfitpro dotcom (and his reputation across the webz). From track racing I plugged into competitive powerlifting many years ago--wherein i found Dr. McGill to be held in high regard in learned circles. His "Big 3" are foundational movements and his book "Back Mechanics" is a preferred reference for many of us with back issues. Following his protocols I'm currently pain free while closing in on 60...
Thanks @Gloope I'll check this out!

I've been doing some work on myself and have found I have a massive hip flexibility problem, maybe along the lines of what Queerpunk mentioned. I've been working it, things are improving, levels of pain are definitely down on what I was experiencing over the summer and I'm back to reasonable starting weight numbers (~100kg) for squat and DL. Also trying a narrow sumo style DL seems to be a lot easier on my back than conventional (hands outside of knees) style.
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