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I haven’t tested the frame for stiffness but it does behave nicely. The light weight of this caught me completely offguard. After reading on pathracers being made for velo tracks, having large chainrings, sub-25lb weight, rat traps, drop bars, track dropouts w/adjusters, drillium sprocket and simple but sturdy frames, it was later obvious to what this bike was designed for, racing. Just a measured estimate with this skip tooth, looks to be comparable to a 53/16 fixie ratio. That’s board track gearing and roadster compromise. This one has a bell on it (still works!) for riding like a “Scorcher”.

I laughed at your Scwinn comment.
I'm jealous - ever since I made my '51 Raleigh my daily, a part of me keeps gnawing on the idea of "older, lighter, faster." Sounds like you've found all three.

Look at it this way: I laugh at Schwinn electroforged bikes

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Tell this guy...he needs a bike fit.
Graeme Obree's long lost grandfather?


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