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Originally Posted by carleton View Post
Baby Puke , any thoughts on what happens when you stay in the gym but stay off the bike. My back was best when I did that.

I really think the forces that sprinters send across the hips and lower back are a lot of for the body to take. Especially when hunched over in a tuck.
Well, we'll see what happens, I guess. At the moment, I'm just doing gym work and pretty much no-load roller stuff as there's snow on the track here now. Feeling very good at the moment. I've adjusted my stretch routine as above, am doing the rehab mobility and core stability stuff as above, and have moved to sumo from conventional deadlift which is huge. I'm also squatting to a box to check depth. I am not going as deep as I used to, but I'm going gradually deeper as my hip flexibility improves.

it will be interesting to see how this changes with the bike work that will start in a month or so. My bike work is pretty minimal though- I do not do any road miles really, and all my track workouts are very focussed and low repetition. Maybe it will be ok.
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