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Originally Posted by canklecat View Post
It's difficult to judge pads used by Przewalski and Spotti by the nomenclature they use because the "3D" and "4D" Dupont CoolMax pads in my shorts and bibs look nothing like that photo of a red pad on a couple of Amazon listings.That red pad looks more like what Black Bibs uses. Good, but not as comfy as the orange pad or newer two-tone yellow/gray pad used by some Przewalski and Spotti shorts and bibs.

The earlier Przewalski shorts from around 2018 used an orange pad with relatively little sculpting. It's thicker and denser all over but very comfy, which makes up for the diaper-like bulk.

I wish I'd ordered their bibs and padded thermal tights with the same pad back then. Those are unavailable now, replaced by the "4D" pad that's two-toned yellow/gray, with the same thickness for the sit bones, but much thinner in non-pressure areas.

2018 era orange Pro Tech pad, described as "3D" by Przewalski. Appears to be another Dupont product. Thick but very comfy.

The "4D" pad is also Dupont CoolMax, but thick only in the sit bones and much thinner elsewhere. Same material -- unusually smooth and friction-free surface, with golf ball type pockmarks, yet outstanding at wicking sweat, and all day comfort.

The "4D" pad now used by Spotti and some Przewalski shorts, bibs and tights. Also very good.

The "Lime Green" colored pad is the one I have in my Winter Riding Tights.

I plan on ordering another pair, but I`d like to get the same in a pair of summer bike shorts. Does anyone know if they are in a pair summer shorts??
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