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Originally Posted by carleton View Post
Baby Puke , any thoughts on what happens when you stay in the gym but stay off the bike. My back was best when I did that.

I really think the forces that sprinters send across the hips and lower back are a lot of for the body to take. Especially when hunched over in a tuck.
My 2c worth is that this points to a problem with regimented lifting, and kind of relates to what I said earlier. We become very planar and regimented in our movements as we get older and less mobile. Hitting the gym and sticking with standard lifts and strict form doesn't get all those supplementary muscles working as well as they should in order to keep up with the strength gains of the larger muscles groups. So like you mention, you can have a wicked squat and DL, but as soon as you throw the alignment out as you twist your body up eeking out all your power, those smaller muscles can't cope and *BANG*

I took up timbersports last year and the wood chopping disciplines are definitely one where you are thrown out of the planar movements. I make an effort these days to try and strengthen myself in ways that are out of the ordinary. When I do slam ball work, I purposely keep a rounded back. To start with it was taxing, but I have strength gains right through the muscular structure of the back. Every month I squat once with kettlebells hanging from the bar on rubber bands to change things up and really upset the stabilising muscles. I don't like the work to failure with big lift side of crossfit, but the functional fitness side of it I see as being hugely beneficial as we get older.
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