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Originally Posted by brawlo View Post
My 2c worth is that this points to a problem with regimented lifting, and kind of relates to what I said earlier. We become very planar and regimented in our movements as we get older and less mobile.
Totally agree with this. We get overspecialized and lose the ability to perform "normal" sports. I remember feeling like this after being a committed road racer for 3-4 years as a kid. I felt pretty strong and athletic on the bike but felt fragile doing anything else. When I started sprinting 10+ years ago, I remember it feeling more like a normal sport specifically because of the supplemental work necessary to do it (weight training)-- In addition to being fast, you are also generally strong. I liked that.

But now it's as you say: When I play soccer with my kid, I'm wrecked! I do not have a generalized fitness for athletics. I've been thinking of ways to address this, and it's a challenge as a time-limited regular adult with a life. I'm going to do more stair running/bounding type stuff, more jumping and lunging type stuff (side lunges seem like a pretty valuable movement), and also just more playing soccer and whatnot with my kid!
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