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Originally Posted by jasonsan
I know someone who sleeps with their bike hanging overhead...........and I don't think it's a space issue.

Speaking of bringing strange things to bed, I have an off topic story that'll probably get deleted unless I choose my words carefully.
I had an inflatable "f" doll at one time. Super cheesy and cheap, hardly any hair on it's head, with that classic , extra vulgar pose. You know........arms out, mouth open, neon pink naughty parts "Blue Velvet". My girlfriend HATED it, and my cats were scared of it. I kept it around (unmolested and unused) for awhile, and would haul it out now and again just to be annoying.
" Where's my hair brush?"
" I think I saw it over there in the inflatable brush holder".................. That sorta thing
One night, as my girlfriend slept next to me, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to at LEAST try the darn thing out. She awoke as I was JUST about to finish inflating it. BUSTED! Much to my surprise, she was into the idea. Now it was gonna be a weird 3 way. I pushed the little nozzle cap back in ( the same kind used on cheap beach balls) which was in the middle of the doll's back. My thumb went all the way thru, and air came leaking out at a rapid rate. It was irrepairably damaged! Knowing that time was short, I tried in vain to stem the flow of escaping air, so "certain" parts were still useable.
" Quick, pinch off her arm!"
" Grab the legs! The LEGS!"
We were laughing so hard that, needless to say, the mood was officially spoiled. We were all deflated at that point.
Fun times.


Seriously. TMI.

Quoted for posterity.
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