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Epic rides are, for me, rides I do not want to or cannot repeat. The roughly 120 mile ride south from Santa Cruz, CA deep into farm country only to have a seat clamp bolt brake at the far point. 1979. I was new in town and knew nobody. Tied the seat in place with twine I happened to have and rode home. Seat position was completely wrong and those 50 miles were torture.

Sitting around with buddies drinking beer and talking of doing it again next year. My book? Not epic. Epic is getting home shattered and struggling to get myself showered, fed and in bed.

Edit: a ride that came close to qualifying was the 2012 Cycle Oregon to Crater Lake. Day 3 was the big day. 5000' up to the rim, 3000'+ around. After the first climb on the rim I accidentally went down the north entrance and had to ride the will over 1000' back up. On a fix gear for which I had a 42-23 low (and a 17 tooth cog for the flat and a 12 tooth for downhills). And just enough snacks in my pocket to barely get around the rim to lunch Next day 5600' . The "rest day" had Mt Ashland to climb - 5000'. We left Ashland the next morning going up Dead Indian Memorial Highway, 16 miles of climbing. I was too shattered riding the Crater Lake rim to appreciate one of the most spectacular places on Earth at all. The only thing that kept the Dead Indian hill from being "epic" was that I kept getting passed by a woman who was a climber just like me. Every time it put life back in my legs.


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