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Bikes: My LeJeune got stolen. Now just cheapies

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Originally Posted by Moe Zhoost View Post
I'm not at war with anyone. We are all people living the life we chose (or if not chosen, in a way that we can at least tolerate). The linked article, while well-intentioned (perhaps), only serves to convince people that polarization is significant and that there is no hope for middle ground. Cars aren't dividing America, it's the folks that demand the "us or them" allegiances who are.
I'm not at war with anyone either. I feel sorry for people who've become obese and unhealthy and depressed because of a lack of any kind of physical exercise. And I also feel sorry for poor people who have no other choice but to spend so much of their money on their car and gas and insurance and all the rest because there's no other way for them to get to work, or do anything else, where they live.

Beyond that, just to be clear, you're saying that an article which attempts to explain the role car infrastructure plays, and has played, in our divided society is itself divisive. I might actually agree with you if I were handing out leaflets or something, but isn't this the right place for a piece like this?
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