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Originally Posted by Miele Man View Post
No, as vehicles become lighter and lighter these situations become more common. Think about the SMART CAR and how many people with them won't drive them on a freeway because the vehicle is so susceptible to side winds and wind gusts.Cheers
If I have a choice about it I would rather rent a Chevy Malibu vs a Kia Rio for a trip to the coast (once every two or three years!) but it isn't the sidewinds I am worried about. I can certainly do it in a Rio, and have. I DOUBT the people avoiding the highways with their Smartcars have ever experienced a dangerous sidewind! They likely have, however, had to bail on a freeway merge when a semi was in the slow lane. They may have been buffeted while trying to pass a tractor-trailer rig in the slow lane. May have, anyone that nervous probably doesn't attempt too many big rig passes, if any at all. Winds have to get pretty brisk (>40 mph gusts) before they issue small vehicle advisories in my area so I just don't know what you are talking about. We downsize (cars) or we die. It's really that simple.

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