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GP 4 Season Clincher "stuck" on tubeless rim??

When I mounted these tires it wasn't fun. It was the tightest combination (GP 4 Seasons + HED Ardennes SL+) that I'd ever experienced. But now, I don't know what to do to get this thing off. The tire bead is locked so hard into place that it seems like I will rip the sidewall getting it off. Is there something I don't know about tubeless rims? I wasn't using tubeless, btw. I was running this combo with a tube. God forbid I have to do this on the side of the road.

Edit - I have changed a million tubes in my life and I've never experienced anything like this. With all the strength in my thumbs I can maybe budge the bead a centimeter. I *might* be able to get something extremely thin under the bead, like, butter knife thin, but I definitely can't get my tire lever in.

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