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Originally Posted by smashndash View Post
Iím dealing with a similar issue. My LightBicycle rims have a really strong bead retention ridge and Iím using vittoria TLR tires. I can make the bead budge by about 3mm in a very small spot if I use one palm to push the tire and one hand to pull the rim with all my strength. Iíve found the only way (besides being a gorilla) to get the bead off is to grow a 3rd hand and stick a tire lever in that 3mm gap between the tire bead and rim sidewall. Note that the lever does not go under your tire bead. If you can do that with a tubeless setup, youíre either going to hemorrhage air and sealant or risk a catastrophic burp. Anyway, this effectively saves your progress so you can repeat this push/pull maneuver next to that section. At that point the tire should pop off pretty easily. The concept is simple. And if you have a friend whoís willing to help, the execution would probably be easy too. But alone? On a cold or wet day near the end of the ride? Forget about it. Iím legitimately considering sanding down the ridge in a small section so I can get it going roadside.

A mountain biker on youtube laid the wheel on the ground, stepped on the tire and pulled the rim up. Of course roadies canít get enough purchase on our 25-30mm tires.
What I found worked was to grab the rim and using my fingers, pull the tire on the opposite side of the rim towards the center channel. Better grip strength (In my case) than trying to use my thumb to push the near side of the tire towards the channel.
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