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Hmmm... Not sure about this one. If the OP is being censored because of a comment, it would be interesting to know the reason and relevance. Depending on where I ride, I've been in the habit of carrying a Ruger LCP for many years. Is that shocking? Is that offensive? Am I going to be "spoken to" for mentioning that? What boundaries have to be observed that don't cross over into nasty partisan politics? There could be a valid question related to cycling here too - if someone is an avid rider, worried about dangers both four legged and two, wondering about safe methods of carrying a defensive weapon on a bike, that's not out of line. Not to me at least. Obviously this isn't a gun forum and should not be - but on a bike, space is limited and bad or uninformed choices could have serious ramifications so a question pertaining specifically to what someone's opinion is on a safe carry method isn't a bad thing. If the OP was going off about some firearms adventure and just happened to be on a bike - well, it's not a gun forum.

Point being - if people are chased away because they crossed a line based purely on someone's "offensenitivity" about a particular subject, then there is a problem.
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