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Yayyy I may be getting a fork for my bike, its a marz dirt jam pro and I am just making sure that I am not going to need anything else. I know that I need disk brakes and I dont do anything special I just want to be able to like screw around on trails in some woods and all I want is a nice enough fork that wont be horrid like my stupid rst. Anyway, the disk I have in mind is the hayes mx-2 at jenson for 34 bucks, now, I do not need anything special at all for a disk brake so anything cheaper would be appriciated although I do know 34 is awesome for disks. And do I need anykind of adapter for the disk brake to mount on the fork? here is the brake. And all I need with that is cable and housing, right? Or do I need grease for the cable?cable

Thank you, Greg

Edit: Oh yea and it also has the star nut preinstalled. And if it came straight off a new bicycle do I need lube for the steerer?
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