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For what it's worth I'm shorter with short legs. 5'7" on a good day, 27.5" inseam. My (custom geo) road bike was modeled after a couple size S Giant TCRs I had (sloping top tube, 40 cm ST for alum frame, 44 cm for carbon). My last level top tube bike was a 50 cm Cannondale (with 53.5 cm TT).

Track: I have yet to build it (waiting on one final part for cranks, plus no track specific bar/stem yet) I got a 57 Dolan. It's a 12 cm HT (but integrated so no extra height for headset), 50.5 cm c-t seat tube, but 57 cm top tube. 74.5 STA. So literally the same top tube height as a level top tube frame I'd use, same head tube, and virtually the same length. I lose a bit of reach but that's the longest stock frame I could find.

The BB should be higher off the ground so I expect that I shouldn't have difficulties with the saddle/bar drop (since saddle will be a few mm higher). My steel track frame is a 51 and I can get on the bike without neutering myself (barely) so I figure the Dolan should be similar.

For comparison, what I ride on the road...
Road: My road frame top tube is 56.5 cm with a 75.5 deg STA. So front end is really pushed out.
HT is <12 cm with headset (9.5 cm actual HT length, 2.1 cm external headset).
I run 14 cm drop. My drops are below my front tire.
I run a 14.5 cm -32deg stem, compact bars.

Because I have short legs my back isn't really flat, even with the seemingly radical set up. But the bike works really well - I had a second frame made (with 39cm chain stays as the long front end unweights the rear). After shortening the original frame (and painting it red) the first frame has the same geometry as my black frame. For the red frame it's my 10th season on this frame.
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