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I have travelled extensively with my bike. I would say I have taken my bike on over 30 flights many internationally and have yet to regret it. I have also tried renting and if it's for putzing around a town for the day sure but otherwise it's just not for me. I normally use a BIKND Helium bike bag and only once had an issue when a carbon rim was damaged as a result of how I packaged the bike in conjunction with luggage being stacked on top of the bike. That said Roval (Specialized) covered the wheel under their damage policy and the cost was reasonable.

On a couple of occasions on the conclusion of a long-distance point to point ride, I have removed the pedals, turned the handlebars, slammed the Seatpost and placed in an Airline provided clear plastic bag and the bike arrived fine. This was a Carbon Diverge with Ultegra group so not some beater.

If you upgrade to premium economy or pack well with judicious use of your carryon there is no additional charge from the airline. Travelling with my bike has changed the way I see the world and I can't say enough great things about it. I want to add how Garmin has helped facilitate this but that will become another extended rant.
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