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I am saying the same thing as you.If the bike shop is close,of course i buy there.But if i can get it 200-300 bucks cheaper of course i buy it online.Yea i will throw my money like hat just to buy local.You must be rich,i am not.I shop for the best deals,where ever they may be and not chepo junk.Did i say if i got a bike online the lbs would be where i buy my parts and srevice or cant u read that far.ook,i want the best deal. work hard for mine and i will make it go as far as i can.I do have a problem buying good stuff that lasts ands not cheapo stuff over and over.You dam well better be nice to me when i come in you place of money making.You do want return customers,right.Oh,its only money so i will buy it from you for 2000 bucks EVEN if i can get it online for 1000 because i am supporting local,so screw my money.Sorry but you better have a competive price.Oh i have a gateway and its a pile of ****.
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