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Originally Posted by DrIsotope View Post
I pushed a reel mower as a teen (never again) and a non-propelled Murray for about 15 years after that (never again.) The lil' 22" rear wheel drive Lawn Boy is enough work, when the southern edge of my property is an uninterrupted strip of "grass" (or at least green stuff) 20' wide and 300' long.

When I want to feel the punishment-- usually because I've let the green stuff grow too high-- I walk behind a Swisher Trim-n-Mow, which is not self-propelled, uses trimmer line as thick as a pencil, and will fire sticks and rocks at 3,000mph, usually right into my neck.

My simple 2-stroke line trimmer won't sling things faster than mach 2, but when it hits it stings like a mutha. I wear old prescription glasses when doing lawn work because new ones will have a new scratch on them after one lawn cutting job.
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