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I spent several years wearing a Husqvarna Chainsaw Helmet, one of these:

And it was fairly effective, but stuff would still end up either portaling through the mesh, or going under it and still getting my neck. Also-- hot as the bejeezus.

Best Swisher trimmer story ever: the back section of my property once held horses, so it's a fenced area about 110' x 60'. All things green love to grow there, and they grow fast. So I had duffed on it, and the field cover was all around 18" high. I'm walking behind the trimmer, and the going is slow, as it's basically trying to scythe it's way through, and big tufts are falling back into the cutting path and just flying everywhere. My kids were small then, and left stuff all over the place (still do, really) so it wasn't unusual to hit a toy or a ball or just anything taken from the house and abandoned in the yard. So as I'm thinking about this, a snake about 5' long literally flies out of the grass, directly at my face. I made an embarrassing noise, and let go of the trimmer with both hands. It was the rubber snake we bought right across from the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. In my days, that's the closest I've come to needing new pants.

Related: on an unseasonably hot March morning, the Swisher was both continually breaking line, and stalling at the least opportunity. I had been fighting it for several hours, and in a fit of blind rage punched the wall of my workshop, breaking the 5th metacarpal in my right hand. Worst 7 weeks of my entire life.

It is a tumultuous relationship I have with the Swisher, to say the least.
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