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Yes I am after return CUSTOMERS, not return leechers. If someone is buying from my shop I treat them like family. If someone comes in just asking questions and doesnt want to pay for it, then I shift them to one of our "tech in training" guys (translated=idiots that think that since they installed a hard drive in their mother's computer they are techs).

I am not rich (although not poor either), but I realize that if I want the LBS to be there to answer my questions, someone has to pay their bills, because the guy that owns the LBS isnt rich either!

Personally the trainer I spoke of is the only thing I have found, new that is, that the LBS isnt reasonably close to. They were a little more expensive on my bike but I didnt have to pay shipping either, and they fitted me to the bike and gave me a free tune up after a month. Those factors were worth way more than what I would have saved.

And by the way, I love how you say you buy the good stuff, not the cheap stuff, and then mention you are using a Gateway computer :-)

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