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Originally Posted by Sir Lunch-a-lot
If I am correct, then what sort of foods do you guys think are best? Granola? Apples? Oat-meal? Any thoughts? I am planning/hoping to eventually be doing 60km round trips on a regular basis, and if my first round trip (done in the fall) was any indication, I need to wisen up a bit on the nutritional factor of cycling. I think I've almost got it figured out, but want to make sure.
I'll concede I'm not really into the nutritional side of cycling either (although I'm starting to make an effort) but I'll share what I do as my standard ride is close to what you're looking at. If I ride early I'll usually have a bowl of grain cereal with banana or, if later in the day, a (wholemeal/grain) Banana sandwich before I go. During the ride I'll generally drink 750ml of Powerade and 750ml of water. Only thing I eat during a ride is a single Chocolate Gu Energy Gel (man, I love those things - I eat them instead of normal chocolate). I don't think I've ever been hungry (or bonked) on a ride like this but ymmv.


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