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You could always do like a couple of folks I bought from: just take the front wheel off, toss the bike in a box and somehow secure it with 4" of tape, then mail it. No packing, no security, nada. It may not have damage the first 4-5 times it's dropped. My Colnago forks were poking out of the box when it arrived. Same with about 1/3 of the wheels, on one side or another.

I've done it enough I can relate to Mad Honk. I can also relate to Skip re: big frames. If I'm not removing the rear wheel, I don't worry about the crankset. I almost always reverse the fork. Biggest issues are then:
1-damage from moving around in the box (pokies and impact)
2-damage from things moving in the box (clutter)

For travel, I have a SportCo ABS box. I bought a classic NOS bike and the seller refused to ship any other way, charged me $100 for the travel box and shipping. Can't beat that. Some airlines seem to think shipping my bike free is the way to get me to buy. They are 100% right.
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