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Originally Posted by livedarklions View Post
Probably best not to use British tabloids as your source. me.
Regardless of your opinion, one way or the other, about British tabloids, her point is spot on.

Panic buying toilet paper is simply stupid. Fighting with other customers for toilet paper is equally stupid.

Panic buying bottled water is another stupid, mass-panic behavior. Tap water is fine and, if you are worried about the quality of tap water just treat it, including boiling it. If you have ever camped or lived in a country where water quality is an issue, you would know that water can be made safe for drinking.

Hoarding, like a tiny brained hamster, is evidence that we are not as evolved as we would like to think.

Mass hysteria like the one described by the author are possibly far more dangerous than the virus itself.

But, you are entitled to your opinions, however wrongheaded they may be.

Peace out.
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