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Originally Posted by saddlesores View Post
you can track the virus here:


china seems to be getting a handle on it. wuhan has shut down the two emergency field hospitals they built. here in hainan, no new cases in more than two weeks, only two still in hospital. shutting down public transportation and enforcing quarantine appears to work. we'll see what happens as more factories and schools reopen.

i wouldn't trust the thai numbers. their economy is highly dependent on (chinese) tourism and the junta is heavily dependent on chinese patronage. chinese tourists are still entering. last week 5000 illegal workers were deported from south korea, thailand failed miserably with the testing and quarantine upon return. hundreds ran away and still can't be located.

as to numbers...........remember thailand has the highest traffic death rate in the world (excluding libya undergoing a civil war). they only count deaths on scene. deaths in the hospital, or in the ambulance on the way don't count in the statistic. i would assume their virus stats are equally bogus.
Any country with government-controlled media and healthcare is suspect, and those that depend heavily on tourism are even more questionable. They have a strong self-interest to minimize or cover up. Thailand fits into that category.
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