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Originally Posted by Oldpeddaller View Post
Hi David, you're very welcome, that's what the Forum's for. The headset is a 1 inch size, (NOT 1 1/8"!), for a threaded steerer fork.

PM me if you need any help in UK with this, I live in Kent. The original headset was, I believe a TDC unit (the name of the manufacturer) with chrome finished cups and loose bearings. If the cups and races are not badly worn, it's often possible just to replace the ball bearings and re-grease, although it's still possible to buy similar units. I wouldn't put a black one on though, stick to chrome for that vintage look!

Any problems finding what you need, I'm pretty sure I've got some of these headset cups buried somewhere in my workshop that I took out of some old frames I converted to A-headset years ago. Will take an age to find them, but I need to have a tidy up anyway. If you need a complete new headset, it's best to take at least the fork in to the bike shop, to make sure the thread on the top bearings and locknut fits. Removing and refitting cups to the frame is not actually difficult but you do need to make some tools, or buy them if you are rich! You can find info on the Bike Mechanics part of this Forum, or Sheldon Brown's website. A slotted pipe, hammer, threaded rod, nuts and a selection of washers are needed to make the tools.

Best of luck!
HI OLDPEDDALLER This is a complete shot in the dark and hope it does not offend, but I am 72 and just acquired a bitsa Holdsworth 1968 Mistral, I think! You came up on a search in Bike Forum.( I am a new member so still feeling my way around). Realise it is 12 years later but hope you may help me. After hours and hours of searching you are the only person that I have been able to find with a bike close to mine. I will fully understand if you do not have the time or inclination. I get like that myself! DoubleClanger BikeForum
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