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Originally Posted by Raiden View Post
Its a nice simple set of parts on that thing. I think the only thing that's going to be hard to replace quickly if needed is that front tire. The rear derailer is just one or two steps above junk, that's about the first part I'd replace/upgrade. The brakes are probably next, especially if you plan on putting any weight on the thing and DEFINITELY if you e-bike it. Also I'd bet the handlebars put the grips in a comfy riding position, but I find I have a heck of a time getting accessories to mount right on them, it all gets too crowded.
For $450 shipped to my driveway, I think this cargo bike is a pretty good value.
Front tire is just a regular BMX tire, plenty of options to pick for replacement.

Rear derailleur and disc brakes are workhorse units, I've got similar rear derailleur and disc brakes on my folding commuter, never need much maintenance still functions fine after 9 months of usage.

No rubbing on the disc brakes once I adjusted it properly. The cheapo disc brakes on my folding bike has been the best brakes I've experienced in terms of need for maintenance... ZERO needed.
Riding among NYC metro traffic, 20 mph is dangerous speed, anything above that is just suicide IMO. No need for hydraulic brakes. Maybe I was hauling 60 lb+ of cargo I would need better brakes.

I don't hang much accessories on the handlebars since that would just attract thieves...
The OEM bell is a nice brass unit, I was thinking of downgrading it with a rubber horn just to make the bike annoying, deter theft.
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