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Originally Posted by wolfchild View Post
. but people shouldn't be prevented from going to work, running their small business or going outdoors solo to get some exercise.
Hmmmm. here is the thing .... if you run a small business you have to either work with a crew of others, and or/sell to people. Which means, a lot of close-range contact with a large number of people throughout each working day. Plus you need supplies, so you need to get in contact with other people and they have to come into contact with other people.

Business that is done from home is fine. Online sales are fine. But bringing large numbers of people together in small spaces increases the risk of contamination. And unless the business is online or completely remote, then there are going to be multiple customer contacts, which sends the contamination out into the populace, which is exactly what will worsen the pandemic.

"Social distancing" doesn't work if you have to get close to people to work .... and not many small businesses (I think the definition is "fifty employees or fewer") are one person working in a shop.

Pretty much All contact has to be minimized. It isn't like you can catch the virus at a sporting event but not in a factory.

And while I am not sure where you live ( I know Spain had an anti-cycling law) I have been taking advantage of the extra time to get more miles in.

I pretty much agree with you except----the "draconian" rules are in p[lace because of idiots. if we were all really careful and we really didn't want to infect anyone, we could do a whole bunch of stuff, even in public, and still keep containment. But there are always those people ---some who have been posting here----who are absolutely unconcerned with the well-being of others and who basically ruin it for the rest of us.

I don't like big government, and I don't like the government telling people how to live----but if people are so stupid they are willing to kill others carelessly, I will tolerate a little government intervention until this thing passes.
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