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If you are only looking for those with specific 1st-hand knowledge, feel free to skip my post, as I've not done this route for the reasons you mention (safety) among others.

Are there any limitations?

-Total round-trip distance: For example: Going on such a ride to Toledo and back in a single day and keeping mileage within a certain range or is it more than a single day?

-Starting/Ending points: I don't recall where you're from or if you've referenced it before (perhaps more on the east side/Pointes). Let us know from whereabouts in Metro Detroit you're starting and if you've a little more specific ending point in mind or if it's just somewhere scenic/resting/visiting.

A lasting note: I've never used Strava much. Maybe I'm used to RWGPS ( but for whatever reason, one is not able to display street names & satellite data at the same time. That makes using Strava for me frustrating, a lot. I suppose a more cumbersome alternative is to have two maps open at the same time for Strava.

I'll see if I can help out more specifically. I must admit, that part of Michigan is a bit of an unknown to me. Just saw recently on TV that more or less, there is a small segment of Michigan claimed to be accessible by road only by traveling into Ohio first & then back north into a segment of Michigan. The general area I'm looking at is quite an expansive area bound roughly by:

1- about 5 miles west of Telegraph as a west boundary,
2-at the north around Girbraltar Rd.
3- along the east shore of Michigan
4- Michigan-OH border at the south (although of course, through and to Toledo is important in this case)

All without much reference/landmarks nor much prior knowledge to keep my place and organize in my head, when using a single monitor as I survey Google Maps.

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