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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post

Read this. Actually take 30min and read it. There are even a lot of graphs so you can cheat and not actually read the article.

Yes, this is going to seriously affect the US economy and global economies.
The alternative is tens of millions dying.

What is unacceptable is a ruined economy AND millions dead because not enough was done to prevent.
There is do nothing which will cause tens of millions to die there is mitigaton(social distancing) which is projected to just delay the inevitable same result of doing nothing, and there is suppression which will lower the number of dead.

All will destroy an economy. If nothing is done- tens of millions die and an economy is without vital producers. If mitigation is done- the same number die and there is months of uncertainty. If suppression is done- businesses fail and people are broke due to being out of work.

One of those 3 wont result in millions dead though. I choose that approach.
thanks for sharing, this is great info...but also depressing. I believe we will see millions of deaths in the USA for this. We simply will not use logic and reason to combat this issue....only faith and ignorance.

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