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Originally Posted by Maelochs View Post
Yeah, because losing several million citizens is better than losing several million dollars.

has the fact that people can spread the disease for about five days without showing symptoms not passed by you yet? Or have you just let it go right by without paying attention? By the time someone has shown symptoms, he or she has been spreading the virus for about a week.

I am not a doctor, but I think dead people take even longer to recover .... However things like mortgage payment moratoriums and benefit payments ....the government is Trying to ease the pain. But since this sia GLOBAL situation (please do try to think on the actual scale, not just what you see in your neighborhood) the economic impact is going to be ....w ell, Global. The cost of the CCP letting this disease spread is going to be monumental. Of course the poor will get it worst. That is the society we have built. Hopefully, possibly, we will learn some lessons and rebuild in a more equitable manner. Now multiply this by the entire nation, and imagine how many police it would take just to keep idiots from undermining the entire quarantine program. And thosepolice officers would then be at risk.

To me this sounds like one person whining because his local park was shut down. Weigh that against people whose family members have died because of some idiot who said "I'm not high-risk, screw the old folk."

This situation straight-up sucks .... but we built a house of cards and decided to tell each other it was a steel and glass skyscraper. Now we all see that we are vulnerable, and everyone is freaking out because fantasy has met reality.

Most smart people Always have a couple weeks' supplies of stuff on hand, just in case. Most smart people aren't overextended on credit. Most smart people recognize that nature is a huge and powerful force, and coupled with human stupidity, willful ignorance, and greed, is almost irresistible.

Yet, most people are not smart. And while it is sad, everything has to be aimed at the lowest common denominator. You cannot have a quarantine which affects all but the stupidest five percent, because that five percent will spread the disease to everyone else. So, harsh rules have to be made.

We are people who lived, compared to almost any era prior to this, lives of unimaginable luxury: heat, a/c, plumbing, electricity, refrigeration, safe, powerful, rapid, and protected transport, safe and solid houses, mostly crime-free streets ..... no raiding war-parties, no deadly predators .... and we took it all for granted.

Now when we still have 90 percent of all that luxury, we are whining.

One hundred fifty years ago, when infectious diseases spread, everybody just Died.

We are whining because we can't go to the local nature preserve.

Just to make myself clear, I never said that we should all give up and let millions of people die... I also have older relatives and other family members whom I am worried about..... All I am doing is questioning if the governments extreme response will actually work and stop this pandemic in the long term or will it create more problems than it solves...I also wasn't whining and complaining about nature preserves getting shut down, I just simply posted what I've seen in the local news and then I offered my personal opinion of how I think it should of been handled. When civil liberties are at stake it's time to start asking questions. I am reading all government websites and following all the news and trying to stay informed like everybody else. What I see right now is that nobody has found any proven long term solution to this problem or knows much about this virus because it's all new. It may take 2-3 years to develop a vaccine and then experiment and figure out proper doses for individuals.
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