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A 2003 super cervelo prodigy at the lbs for $1799 but you hunt around online and find it for $1399 and free shipping and no taxes,which do yuo choose?
That completely depends. If that is all the information you are letting me have, and I can use "my" LBS, then I would buy it from my LBS for these reasons:

1) They spent the time and effort to show me bikes and find the right size for me.

2) Someone paid them to sit there and help me.

3) If I want them to stay in business, and be there to help me next time, SOMEONE has to buy from them, might as well be me.

4) They are some really cool people and I want them to be there.

5) My LBS took the bike I bought, adjusted it perfectly for me explaining exactly what they were doing and why. Then suggested necessary accessories. They also readjusted my derailers after I thought I could do better and screwed up the adjustments, for FREE. No online store will do all that.

Now I am not saying I dont buy on the internet. I am saying that when my LBS spends time and money to help me with something, I buy the item in question from them, be it bike or shoes. If it is something they didnt help me with, then I buy from them if the price is close and on the net if it isnt.

My complaint for you is that you basically stole their services and expertise on choosing a bike, in my opinion that is. And frankly, $400 or less than a 30% premium for those services is not too high for what I received. (When I consider I get $100/hr on site to fix servers and they spent way more than 4 hours helping and explaining things to me)

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