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Naw, this is the Inland Empire, the very model of urban sprawl. Across the street, suburbia. A quarter mile away, the post office. Half a mile, a gas station. In between, an elementary and a middle school. Everything is closed. The local mall cordoned off their entire parking lot. The two big shopping centers are 90% shuttered-- so the parking lots are almost completely empty-- but there are still cars on the roads absolutely everywhere. I have no idea where any of these people are going, but they're all in a serious hurry to get there.

Traffic is barely reduced even on the residentials. Almost no one is staying home in this area. Roads are still busy, freeways are still busy. The road runs right by my window, and 15 seconds doesn't go by without a car driving past-- and my street is one mile long, with dead-ends at both ends. Traffic seemed lighter on Sunday (but it was Sunday, after all) then sorta picked up Monday and Tuesday. Today felt normal. Like any other day.
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