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By coincidence, I bought one of those NOS Felt S22 frames, too.

It's a beautiful frame. Getting the parts for it hasn't been easy, though.

First, the teardrop-shaped seatpost seems to be available only from Felt; cost, $200. If you want to try your luck at finding one used, in another brand, etc. (I tried but didn't find anything that fit), FYI, I just measured the seatpost at 42.62 mm by 19.70 mm.

Second, the head tube is built for a 1" integrated headset and for a fork with a 1" steerer tube. They're both hard to find now, since 1 1/8" has been the standard for many years. I bought the integrated headset from Felt, since it was the same price as or cheaper than the 1" integrated headsets I found elsewhere and I knew it would fit right.

Again, I spent a lot of time searching but didn't find a suitable fork with a 1" carbon steerer (very rare now) and instead bought one with an aluminum steerer from ($110). Good luck finding a star nut for a 1" aluminum (i.e.., thick-walled) steerer tube.

I strongly recommend having bringing the fork and frame to a good bike shop and paying them to take care of the fork and headset installation (i.e., to install the crown race, cut the steerer to the right length, install the star nut, and put it all together). You should check look at some videos for instructions on how to figure out the correct steerer tube length for your setup.

The frame also needs a braze-on front derailleur and a mounting plate for it. Since I bought the headset and seatpost from Felt, the guys there I was e-mailing with to sort out my problems finding parts were kind enough to throw in the mounting plate. (I bought an SRAM front derailleur because that what came on the bike back when it was new.)

The rest of the parts shouldn't present any problems. The bottom bracket is threaded, and the parts to fit it are easy to find.

Finally, don't be put off by the fact that almost every part you need is going to cost you as much as or more than the frame did. You'll end up with a great bike for not much money, and you'll come out of the build process knowing more than you did going in.

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