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Originally Posted by detroitjim View Post
Yeah man....I've mapped a route . Downtown to downtown is about 60 miles. A round trip would be easily done in one day when our daylight hours get over 12.
It's just that I was hoping to hear from someone that pedaled down to Toledo.
Maybe utilizing their path ,trusting their perception that ,it wasn't excessively perilous.

I suppose that I'll have to drive down that way. Doing recon for a suitable route that I'll be comfortable with in the saddle.
Share the route if you don't mind and I'll see if I notice anything that you should consider in the areas I ride in. Due to changes in Google Maps, there's a bit of added path to the Downriver Linked Greenway that is missing and that I would have added by now but now it seems like a mystery in suggesting edits. It basically runs from Elizabeth Park (with a sliver in Wyandotte but definitely a tad bumpier but gets a passing grade) and has a few segments without a path but runs to Lake Erie Metropark. Not sure why Google changed it--not sure where to look up such info as to why but that's another discussion. (edit: humans being always we find a way to f*** things up. Whether it's the internet or the planet, it's what we do. Smarter, hairless monkeys with shiny toys if you care to read

Taking some basic notes for a longer route in less familiar territory: Unless one has a great memory, it's almost necessary to take notes for making an informed decision, otherwise I find I lose track easily not being familiar with the intersecting roads/lack of landmarks as noted. For example, there are stretches of Telegraph that appear to have 2 lanes. south of Gibraltar. Dixie appears to be a viable option though.

I avoid 1-lane/higher speed roads generally but traffic volume/how aggressive they are likely to drive is a key variable of course. Going through with Google Maps street view and surveying Telegraph & X Road: to Telegraph & Y Road has 2 lanes (# miles/ speed limit) and take some notes on paper or Microsoft Word. Not as feasible for a bike tour of course unless you have a lot of time to do so.

I do notice one note--speed limits signs seem like bigfoot! On some of the roads I had looked at a few days ago as I've been curious about riding down south before! I don't know if people are scrapping them (unlikely), hitting them, or if I'm missing them when surveying on Google Maps but I sure as hell don't see too many and it's odd. I know generally on such a road in lesser developed/main roads, the speed limit is almost always going to be 45MPH and above, but I'll take 45 over 55 any day.

There is of course the perpetual construction season--that can be a true PITA so just be aware. Also, if you were at all interested in going off the beaten path and riding on Grosse Ile at all (there is a bike path), even if only southbound or northbound, the free bridge (southern most bridge) is scheduled to be closed starting about May 1, 2020. You said >12 hours daylight and that is coming soon I believe. The toll bridge is free to cyclists but definitely is not something I'd be crazy about riding on a weekday outside of off-hours if the free bridge is close for construction. Otherwise, the pay bridge is fairly light to moderate on traffic when I travel, which is kind of funny considering G.I. is > avg. household income.

MDOT's online map didn't have any construction shown for Michigan Ave. I think one lane was closed for a good 1-3 miles (possibly more) at least one way, this past summer for however many weeks. I do a bit of work before/check in on what's changed and so on, periodically during orange barrel season and it's usually accurate but not always.

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