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This is going to be a constant debate.. I buy some things at my LBS and some on-line.. it all depends. Sometimes my LBS does not carry what I need, sometimes the cost is just way to high. But if anything I need done which I can't do I always go their.. and I browse through there probably atleast twice a month and spend money. RIght now I'm having a fork installed, the fork and frame I bought on-line they did not have the fork in stock (fox talas) and woudl not be in stock in a timely fashion, and frame they did not carry. But I bought the headset their.

I to worked for many years in the computer service center, we loved it when people bought things on-line, the profit margin in computer industry at this time is about 5%, so off a $200 video card let's say we make $10. BUt when they come to us to install it we charged $65. While if they bought it from us we did it for free. Customer service will keep customers coming back and will buy things from us in the future even if they do not buy that one item. I directed many people to watch the sales that bestbuy etc have since they are below cost and there is no way we could beat that. I don't know the bike retail business, but I know computer retail industry the money is made in service on average not in selling things, years ago we made money off of both. I know I
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