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Originally Posted by mazak321 View Post
I am interested in cycling and getting a bike. I want something to ride around the local neighborhoods and see if this is a hobby I want to continue with. Not sure how to get started. Looking at bike shops that I have happened by seems overwhelming. There is so much going there I am not even sure what questions to ask. I live in Atlanta, GA and could use a recommendation on a place to go with some good customer service that can walk me through picking a bike and getting started.

Thanks in advance for any feedback in getting started.
If you already had a bike, this would be an excellent time to ride. Weather is starting to get better. A lot of people suddenly find themselves with extra time. Traffic is light.

That said, think about what you want out of a bike. How old are you? Are you super fit, or do you need to get in shape? How much do you plan on riding? And how far? Do you plan to ride in urban ares, rural, suburban, or a bit of all 3? Paved or unpaved surfaces? Do you want to ride alone or do you plan to do some club riding? Last but not least, how much are you prepared to spend, and remember you should budget a bit for accessories, helmet, lock (if you plan to leave the bike unattended for even a few minutes), pump, spare tubes,, etc.
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