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[QUOTE]Originally posted by belfast-biker

"It's not whining, it's saying that the original poster abused his local bike shop. He seemed to have NO intention of buying there."

Belfast, You seemed to have missed that fact that I bought a $2200 Mtb from the same shop, not to mention a litany of supplies. I have a good relationship with the guys who work there and they could care less if I kick tires around. They know I am and will continue to be a good customer. Why else would they specifically tell me to go online after I told them I need a Merckx set-up? They couldn't even come close to the online price and weren't prepared to try to swindle a good customer. Now, I'm in the market for a new bike for my wife. A Giant TCR or the like will suit her just fine and that I WILL be purchasing from my LBS. Had they tried to swindle me when I was looking for a bike, do you think I'd go back to them later? Things tend to work out in life if you keep the right attitude.

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