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Originally Posted by pierrej View Post
I think OP should ride their current bike unless it doesn't fit.
Can you describe what you mean by not stiff enough though?
Most alloy frames would still be stiff enough for all but the strongest riders in the world and even then it wouldn't be by much, carbon is usually chosen for aero purposes.

The issues with the t5 were mostly to do with the weight target of the bike, they wanted them all to be 6.8kg bikes built up. Also I'm lead to believe they weren't actually built by Cervelo but a local english company whose name escapes me but might be doing the Hope bikes as well. From memory I think even Cav cracked his frame
yes a British company specialising in boats and F1 stuff. Supposedly they were too stiff in the bb, so developed cracks. Think about it as how a bit of elasticity helps to reduce stress.
the second generation they got it right, but I heard rumours they were made by cervelo in the us facility that produced the r5ca and some forks for them. (Expensive!)

Carbon can definitely be made stiffer than alloy.
However I think you can get a alloy frame thatís sufficient for us amateurs.
i ride a first gen T3 and sure my old axman frame was stiffer (and heavier) but Iím not missing anything
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