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Originally Posted by shuru421 View Post
Ah ha! Yes, those are indeed what Im referring to. Sorry for the lack of terminology used. Steel bikes dont have press fit! Duh!

Yes, so apparently, Im looking for the bb shell width, and from there find the bb cup accordingly. But I need to make up my mind on whether I go shimano or campagnolo because they use different cups correct. That much I do know, loll.. Thank you all
Is there a BB in the frame right now? If so, look at the side of the cups and you will probably find some writing, either 36x24mm or 1.37x24mm. The first is Italian and the second is English. If there isn't one in there then you can measure the shell, though if the bike isn't Italian made it's not likely to have an Italian BB although there certainly are exceptions.

As to whether you go Campy or Shimano, that depends on what crank you want to use. Once you decide on the crank, then you match the BB to it.
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