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Originally Posted by SurferRosa View Post
Did you post it on the Billings or Missoula craigslist? However you found him, nice job.
Nah, I had it posted in Seattle CL, but hopeful buyers from both NY and MT contacted me about buying w/shipping. In the case of NY, it was off the table immediately - but the person in MT (whom I now understand I met on Cino in 2014) had some contacts in the area that could facilitate.

Sadly, I got an email from the person this morning telling me his facilitation contact offered him the chance to pick up a 60s Cinelli instead - and he was going to go that route. I was surprised and a little disappointed, but only for a moment. Just another one of those things that make you go hmmm...

Relisted it on CL. It will move or it won't. I'm easy.

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