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Originally Posted by 79pmooney View Post
Cool! I've known Dave get's along well with other builders for a while. Some of the really good ones routinely send their just finished frames to Dave to get cut and S & S'd. When I go there, I get to see some gorgeous brand new frames from around the country.

Can't wait to see the bike. "Strawberry bikes forever."

Well Dave and Andy are pretty good friends anyway, Dave is the current President of the Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association that Andy started so they are regularly working on things together, definitely worked out for me on this.

Not sure when you might see it, no VC, no shows, no follow up or meetups now so who knows.

Not much chance of seeing each other out on the road, you ride like real rider, me not so much, never going to see me in the West hills or out by Daves.

We really should try to have a show, ride or something if/when this virus thing subsides but it may be quite a task.
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