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Originally Posted by base2 View Post
The only problem with MUPS is the pedestrians that have no concept of sharing or regard for others use of the same space.
.......Things like walking 3 abreast.
Things like unleashed dogs or dogs with excessively long leashes.
.......Things like joggers running up the middle of the path. Or, worse deciding to do a u-turn without regards to who they may be stepping in front of.
Things like the inability to understand such simple rules as: "All trail users keep right"
.......You can post all the signs with rules you like. Americans can't read. Or, at the very least, if they can, they are too special for "rules." Rules are for "the others."
Earphones, headsets, disregard for others, random ignorant banshee children everywhere...Good civics, sharing, concern for others isn't really what Americans do.
Just callin' it like it is.
EVERY issue noted above ^^^^ is easily resolved by me with my almost 50yo Schwinn Approved bells. The tone is pure delight as reflected in the waves and smiles and "THANK YOU'" I receive when riding on the local MUPs. I ring as I approach a bend, I ring if I see someone ahead on a straight section EVEN WHEN THEY ARE FACING ME, I ring especially for dogs being walked whether leashed or not and find that often the dog perks up while the hearing impaired human does not.

Runners move to the side, walking couples either go to single file or split allowing me to pass between, even on the occassional bridge over a wet area they hug the railing AND USUALLY SMILE as I slow for passing.

BTW, passing is always accompanied with a "smile and thank you."
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