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Pretty much everything already mentioned is what I hate about MUPs. But in addition, I've noticed that the ones I've been on are very narrow and curvy, creating a lot of blind spots, yet many idiots come screaming around the corners like they're racing the TdF. Also I've noticed that much of the pavement is being forced up by tree roots and just a bunch of potholes in general. And I hate stopping at all the intersections to yield for cars.

You're probably wondering how I have all this experience with MUPs here in Jax, Fl. We have a few, but my experience is from visiting family in the D.C. area, where they have a vast system of MUPs.

After well over a 100 miles on various routes around the DC area, I can emphatically say.....I HATE THEM!!!

Ours here in Florida aren't near as bad, mainly because they're wider and not as congested, but I still stick to the roads where I can ride like I'm racing in the TdF

P.S. I have no ill will towards MUPs; I'm glad there are these places where people can take their kids to ride away from traffic. It's the idiots who expect to ride like lance that really irks me.

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