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Right shoe feels tight/fixed in the pedal


so I started cycling properly again in March after winter, and after some time noticed a discomfort in my knee in the evenings while sitting/lying on the sofa. Not so much during cycling but a friend suggested knee position during the strokes and if I am going inwards. Sure enough, in the right knee where I experience the discomfort, I go inwards.

I even figured out why - my right foot position is angled that way, the toes are inwards, the heel outwards. This seems to be, because when I put them straight, I feel a tension in my foot. In the shoe. Not sure how to describe it, but it feels unnatural to have it that way, like I have to put in effort to keep it that way. Like I am fighting the cleat fixed in the pedal. With my left one I do not have this sensation. It feels normal, I can wiggle the shoe about, the toes inwards, outwards, it feels normal, without resistance.

I noticed I had my right cleat 1mm backward compared to me left cleat, which I think I did because my left foot is longer. I set that forward and will try on a ride tomorrow if it feels better. But does anyone know how one can adjust the fit of the shoe in the pedal (is that even a thing)? The tension on the pedal release is about the same as far as I can tell, though I also did that one turn to the left on the right pedal.

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