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Darn Procycling Mag!!!!

I went to a local bookstore, checked out the procycling latest issue, go to the coffee area, start turning the pages, then on a two page spread there is a photo of two european pros taking a bath together -nothing kinky but very suggestive nevertheless, first reaction is like WTF.... That's not too bad you'd say, except at that precise instant these two hot babes walk by, one of them -the blond, looks down to what I'm reading and gives me this look.........

BTW, I'm not anti-gay. Just trying to lighten up the moment. In college I played varsity tennis with a couple of europeans. Looks like sharing showers is no big deal since water is more expensive and the euros don't seem to have the hang-ups we do.

ps I hasten to add that I did not, do not and will not share showers with any men. Well, my 4 yr old being the one exception.
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