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Originally Posted by rocks in head View Post
Maybe borrow a bike from a member for a few months while you're here? Then you won't have to worry about storage and moving after deployment. I've "rented" a bike out to someone for a summer for basically deposit and tire wear. What size frame do you ride? That one looks... 52?
I'm closer to a 54 - my best fit is a 550mm top tube '11 Kona Jake. I'm actually proud of myself for not buying that 720 on the spot bc it may have proved a bit small in the long run.

This is a novel idea and would be a cool way to try out a new frame. Also, it'd be pretty generous of someone, which would be unusual in life these days (especially mine).

I do have the option on a slightly upgraded aluminum frame Raleigh Revenio 1.0 for $150/175 locally. Not exactly what I was thinking of but I'm coming around to the idea - it seems it would/could serve as well or better than old steel for training up to and starting out on brevets.

Picking out a bike essentially online while quarantined has been a strange experience. Normally I'd do a lot more testing of stuff, hanging around at a co-op or going to an endurance event or two and getting a feel for what a good entry-level choice would be. I've also been strongly influenced to look at the Cannondale ST/T series as I've been told I might not really like how flexy full steel is even in a medium frame. Those seem to have the best of both worlds and I'm old enough not to care if they're ugly ;-).

Really though, I just need to get riding. I got a trainer from a friend, and my hotel patio is big enough to use it on in nice weather if I can't get enough time away from the kids to go pound some miles. And I'm going crazy cooped up.

Ok, enough interwebs therapy for one night...
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