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Originally Posted by carleton View Post
I got $10 that says that OP ignores everything we've written and he buys the "coolest" looking pursuit bike they can afford.

...and sells it within a year (doesn't matter if he sticks with the sport or not, same result).
Thatís not true, Iím no searching the coolest bike. I earned a non expected money and Iím trying to do a good purchase.

1.- Dolan, Felt and Fuji are difficult to find here and now with the Covid is almost impossible. I tried at least in 15 stores.

2.- Steel frames and Dixie Flyers commented here are not available in Europe

I have the trackmachine 02 because it was the only option 2 years ago, I tried with other brands and it was impossible.

T4 and TR01 are the only frames I found ready to ship to spain for less than 3000$ (R96, Argon, Pinarello, Koga... are too expensive)

I made a research and I found the following info and I think both are enough good for me:

Lasse Norman Hansen 1.03 London 2012 Kilo
Jonny Wale (HUUB Wattbike) 1.00 Kilo
Switzerland 3,5x TP

Stefan Kung 4.14 IP
Switzerland TP 3.56.x
Gael Suter 12.8 Flying lap
Rohan Dennis Hour Record

I asked to some people in my local velodrome and they all are agree that both are better than the DF4(said by an OG medalist)

So after 2 weeks I thank you all your opinions and messages, I really appreciate them.
I tried to follow your advises but it was no always possible. In terms of sport, here we donít have the same variety of products as in the USA or France/Belgium/Netherlands because there is no many amateur sport.
I sent no less than 30-40 emails to different stores searching here mentioned frames.
So I think that statement is not fair and I was asking a last opinion about those two frames.

thank you all
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