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Originally Posted by CyclesMakaron View Post
Wow! In your spare time, you can show the markings of those 20 frames... it's a big challenge
TTB = TSX century geo...
century geo is "more comfortable" for longer distances than the "aggressive" earlier road racing geo.
The EM Century model is not the same as the century geo - the model was built between 1988-1994 (Reynolds 653 tubes, then Columbus TSX), geo was used in models: Century, Corsa Extra Max, Mx Leader, Corsa 01, Strada OS, Arcobaleno, Corsa Extra SLX, titanium and aluminum frames (from ~1995 it was the only geo in EMC).
In Century model both versions of fork crown were used (earlier and more often: flat).

Translated with (free version)
Ok thanks alot for this info, I knew TT was for TSX. Didn't knew the B was for Century geo. XB is then for SLX with century geo? Century geo also on Corsa and Strada?

Are all the Century model frame's Century geo? Didn't knew that there we're non Century model frames with Century geo. I was under de illusion all were normal race or custom made :-) don't own a frame marked with B I think. I don't own a Century model neither, the ones I saw were always flat crown fork with "modern" paintjob end 80 begin 90. For me flat crown fork is begin 80 and earlier. Or pista :-)

To be honest I rode this week on my 56cc Corsa 01 and my 55cc Corsa Extra, and indeed huge difference. Was kinda surprised, only one size up. Start to messure and indeed the headtube of the 56 Corsa 01 was a bit longer then on another 56cc normal Corsa Extra frame I have, and also toptube a bit short I think (?). Not sure any more. Felt kinda lazy the Corsa 01, but only very short ride. Longer rides this would have been great I think. The Corsa Extra is a "harder" ride, the Corsa 01 more "soft" easy ride. I'm located I Belgium, Corsa 01 isn't that respected over here amoungt collectors and retro cycling people, often the more recent paintjob also. But it isn't a bad ride In my opinion, it's much more afordable then an MXL.

Thanks for the great info, still learning :-)

I'll post some more, can't post any pictures yet (need 10 posts :-))

I'm interested what's your favorite Merckx type(s) and for what reason? If you have any pictures that would also be great.
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